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Discrete Math Matrices


01 Inverse Matrices on the TI-84 - Youtube Finding Matrix Inverses on the Calculator 
01 Find Determinant on TI-84 - Youtube Finding determinants on a calculator 
01 Basic Matrix Operations on TI-84 - Youtube Add, Sub, and Multiply Matrices on the Calculator 
02 Solving Matrix Equations TI-84 - Youtube Solving Matrix Equations Using the Calculator 
03 Transition Matrices - Youtube Transition Matrices Example 
04 Google Sites Tour Tour of Google Sites 
05 Reflections - Brightstorm Reflections Overview and Examples 
05 Rotations - Brightstorm Rotations Overview and Examples 
05 Dilations - Brightstorm Dilations Overview and Examples 
05 Translations - Brightstorm Translations Overview and Examples 
05 Transformations and Isometries - Brightstorm Intro to Transformations 
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Matrices Project   
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