Mayan Math Game

There are three characters: the merchant, the child, and the priest. These are only three of the kinds of Mayans who used math. 
You will choose one of these characters and be put in a position of how they used the math.  Please remember to write your calculations in Mayan numbers.

The Merchant

Hello and welcome! I am the town merchant! I travel far and wide and sell my goods. So, I hear that you're learning about how I used math. Well, I'll give tell you about some of the times I have used math, and you can figure out the answers.

1) One day when I was selling at the market, someone ordered 50 pairs of shoes from my cart. I was, at the time, charging only $12 per pair. Could you help me figure out how much they owed me?

2) I was walking in the town a few days ago, and my good friend wanted to buy 3 pots from my cart. Since he is my good friend, I gave him a bargain. The pots were normally $3 each. I decided that giving him $1 off, would be fair. So, how much would he owe me without the bargain?

The Well-Off Mayan Child

My mommy always says that I'm better off than any of the other kids I know. I guess its true. Mommy says that because we are, I can go to school and learn. School is really hard though. Especially the subject they call "Math". You don't think it could be hard though do you? Well, I'll prove it. I'll give you some of the problems I d a few days ago, and you tell me if its hard or not. I'll bet that you'll be surprised.

1) If a farmer has 5 acres of corn, 10 acres of wheat, 20 acres for cows to graze, and 1 acre for his house, how many acres of land does he have?

2) Carlos has 50 bushels of crops to sell at the market. If someone bought 13 bushels, how many bushels does Carlos have left?

3) If 13 goats can graze in 1 acre of land, how many goats can graze in 2 acres?

The Priest

Hello, my name is Pablito, the highest priest of the Mayans. I am here to tell you how I used math, is that right? Well, basically, we priests used it for calculations and predictions (eclipses etc.). Well, how about I give you a problem that I encountered and you can tell me the answer? All right, here it goes.

One of my fellow towns people came to me and asked if the merchants were overpricing. One was $3 a pot, the other was $2 a pot. She wanted to know if that was the kind of price to pay. So I went to some of the merchants and asked how much they priced for pots. The results were $3, $10, and $2. If you bought a pot from each one, how much would the total cost be?

Thank you for playing our game and we hope you enjoy it.
~Ariel Poster and Fauve Beaudin~