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01 Tools of Algebra Day 4 Online Lesson

Objective: Today you are going to participate in an online lesson created to teach you about matrices and matrix operations.  At the end of this class you will be able to:
  • Add and subtract matrices by hand and on the calculator
  • Multiply a matrix by a number
  • Interpret data from matrices


Directions: Perform the following tasks in order.  Read all directions carefully.  Make sure to pay close attention during the videos taking notes and doing the example problems along with the instructors (Its okay to pause the video if it is going to fast to do so!).  If you have any questions, check and make sure that the answer has not been given in the directions.  If you have done this and your answer has not been given, ask Mr. Wood!  After you complete this online lesson you will be able to:
1. Sign up for a gmail account if you do not already have one.  Click on the "Create an Account" button and fill out the information. 


2. Watch the following introduction to matrices: Khan Academy Matrices.
3. Watch the following video on scalar multiplication of matrices: Scalar Multiplication.


4. Complete the worksheet on matrices.  Turn-in to Mr. Wood when finished.


5. Watch the following video on performing matrix operations in the calculator: Then simplify the following matrix operations using your calculator.  Show Mr. Wood your answers on your calculator when you are finished.

Video:  Matrices on the TI-84.

Problems to Try: Matrix Problems


6. Do the following:  Algebra I Matrices Online Quiz
Conclusion: Congratulations! You have completed the online lesson for today!  Hopefully you now have a strong understanding of matrix operations and can perform them both by hand and on the calculator.  Did you know that about 20% of your EOC contains questions related to matrices!!!?  We will continue to do matrix related problems throughout the semester to keep your knowledge FRESH!  If there is still time in class feel free to explore the class website!