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News and Updates

5/20/2010 - View the answers to the recent homeworks by clicking on the appropriate day: Day 3, Day 4
1/26/2010 - Welcome to Algebra II Honors! This site will contain a lot of information for you to use at your disposal throughout the semester. You will be able to download class handouts as well as get homework assignments on this page. I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. Good luck with the new school year and I hope we can work together to help you all have a truly successful experience in this class!  The Spring open house will be February 4th at 6:00 PM.
Extra Practice
Unit 9 Conics and Rationals: Distance and Midpoint, Circles, Parabolas, General Form, Rational Functions, Rational Expressions 

Success Series Videos

*You will need Apple Quicktime to view these videos
Unit 9 Conics and Rationals Videos:Parabola 1, Parabola 2, Rational Expressions, Rational Equations

Class Resources

TEXTBOOK - The online version of the class textbook.  You must login to access the textbook and turn off the  pop-up blocker on your browser.  I gave out the login information on the first day.  If you forget, see me.

SUCCESS SERIES - These are review videos that can be viewed online for all of the topics in Algebra II.  This is a great resource if you are having trouble understanding a particular topic.

USA TEST PREP - A great website for end-of-course exam review.  You must have a log in and password to use this site.  I will give this information out to the class later in the semester.   See me if you are interested before then.

STUDY ISLAND - Another great website for end-of-course exam review.  You must have a login and password to use this site.  This information was given to you during homeroom.  If you do not have it, see me and I will give it to you.
PURPLE MATH - A good math reference website.

GRAPHING CALCULATOR TUTORIAL- This link contains tutorials for many functions of the TI family of calculators.  Select your calculator from the side menu (if you have a ti-84 just select ti-83) then find the topic that you are using your calculator for and follow the instructions.

Course Documents 

 * You will need Adobe Reader to view some of these documents. 

Unit Packets Other Documents
Unit 1 Patterns and Recursion Algebra II Honors Course Syllabus
Unit 2 Linear Models and Systems Microsoft Excel Tips
Unit 3 Transformations
Linear Regression Calculator Tips
Unit 4 Exponents
Unit 5 Logs
Unit 6 Matrices
Unit 7 Quadratics
Unit 8 Higher Degree Polynomials

Unit 9 Conics

 Course Calendar