AP Calculus Applications of Derivatives Part 1 Videos

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Extreme Value Theorem Overview and Example 01 
Finding Critical Points Overview and Examples 02 
Testing Critical Points for Local Extrema Overview and Examples 03 
Minima, Maxima, and Critical Points Overview and Examples 04 
Identifying Relative Minimum and Maximum Values Overview and Examples 05 
Relative Maxima and Minima Overview and Examples 06 
Finding Minima and Maxima Example Example 07 
Applying the Extreme Value Theorem Examples 08 
Mean Value Theorem Explanation and Examples 09 
Intuition Behind the Mean Value Theorem Overview 10 
Finding Where the Derivative is Equal to the Average Rate of Change Example 11 
Getting a Ticket Because of the Mean Value Theorem Example 12 
Points of Inflection Overview and Examples 13 
Concavity Overview and Examples 14 
Recognizing Concavity Example 15 
Graphing Using Derivatives Overview and Examples 16 
More Examples of Graphing with Derivatives Examples 17 
Showing 17 items