AP CSA Java Basics: Getting Started

AP Computer Science A Learning Objectives Explored in this Section
  • Java Primitive Types: int, double, boolean
  • Text output using System.out.print and System.out.println
  • Declaring and using variables and constants
  • Sequential and conditional execution
  • Evaluating numeric and Boolean expressions
  • Developing appropriate test cases, including boundary cases
  • Error categories and techniques for identifying and correcting errors
  • Implications of finite integer bounds

In-Class Documents and Lab Files

Beginning Activities All Beginning Activities for this Section 
Java Basics Getting Started Notes All How Java Works, Java Operators, Java Types, Mixed-Mode Arithmetic, Casting, Variables, String Concatenation, Constants, Conditional Statements 
APCS HelloWorld Program 01 Process to create a Java program, declaring classes, the main method, compiling and running a program, print() vs println() 
APCS Paint Program 02 Using the primitive types int and double, declaring and initializing variables, the ceiling function, typecasting, printing out statements including variables  
Quadratic Root Finder Program 03 How to Create a Scanner Object, How to use a Scanner to read input from the user, How to find a square root, First example of selection in Java 
Interest Calculator Program 04 Exercise Description 
Programming Exercise: BMR Calculator 05 Exercise Description 
Programming Exercise BMI Calculator 06 Exercise Description 
Programming Exercise QB Rating 07 Exercise Description 
Java Basics Review Sheet 08 Review Questions 
Java Basics Review Solutions 08 Solutions to the Java Basics Review Sheet 
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