APCS 1-D Arrays and ArrayLists

AP Computer Science A Learning Objectives Explored in this Section
  • One-Dimensional arrays
  • ArrayLists
  • Traversing one-dimensional arrays and ArrayLists
  • Adding, Inserting, and Deleting items from Arrays and ArrayLists
  • The Enhanced For Loop
  • null

Individual Video Links

One Dimensional Arrays Overview and Example 
Array Tutorial Beginner Tutorial on Arrays 
Arrays of Strings String Array Tutorial 
ArrayList Tutorial Tutorial on ArrayLists 
Enhanced For Loop Example Example using Enhanced For Loop 
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Array/ArrayList Notes Notes for Arrays and ArrayLists N/A 
OneDArrayDemo.java Demo of working with 1-D Arrays N/A 
Student Scores Problem Programming Exercise Description Solution 
TokenPass Problem Programming Exercise Solution 
Trail Marker Programming Exercise Programming Exercise Description Turn - In 
ArrayListDemo.java Example of using the ArrayList Class N/A 
WordPair Programming Exercise Description Solution 
ArraysVsArrayList.java Code Showing Differences Between Arrays and ArrayLists N/A 
Music Website Programming Exercise Description Solution 
SystemLog Programming Exercise Exercise Description Turn - In 
Arrays vs. ArrayLists Practice Practice Solutions 
Arrays/ArrayLists Review Review Solutions 
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