AP CSA 1-D Arrays, Searching, and Sorting

AP Computer Science A Learning Objectives Explored in this Section
  • One-Dimensional arrays
  • Statement execution counts
  • Informal running time comparison
  • Traversing one-dimensional arrays
  • Inserting items in and deleting items from one-dimensional arrays
  • Sequential and binary search
  • Selection, insertion, and mergesort algorithms

Individual Video Links

One Dimensional Arrays Overview and Example 
Array Tutorial Beginner Tutorial on Arrays 
Arrays of Strings String Array Tutorial 
ArrayList Tutorial Tutorial on ArrayLists 
Enhanced For Loop Example Example using Enhanced For Loop 
2D Arrays Tutorial Beginner Tutorial 
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One-Dimensional Array Notes Notes on 1D Arrays 
Hospital Programming Exercise 1D Array Programming Exercise 
Trail Programming Exercise 1D Array Programming Exercise 
ArrayList Notes Notes on ArrayLists 
CookieOrder Programming Exercise ArrayList Programming Exercise 
Scramble String Program Exercise ArrayList Programming Exercise 
1D Array vs. ArrayList Practice Practice using 1D Arrays and ArrayLists 
Elevens Programming Lab ArrayList Programming Lab 
Travel Programming Exercise ArrayList Programming Exercise 
2D Array Notes Notes on 2D Arrays 
Seating Chart Programming Exercise 2D Arrays Programming Exercise 
Pixlab Programming Lab 2D Arrays Programming Lab 
Arrays and ArrayLists Review Review of 1D and 2D Arrays and ArrayLists 
Arrays and ArrayLists Review Solutions Solutions to the Review 
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