AP CSA Java Basics: Classes

AP Computer Science A Learning Objectives Explored in this Section
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Classes
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Assertion and pre- and post-conditions
  • Top-down vs. bottom-up implementation techniques
  • Encapsulation and information hiding
  • Procedural abstraction


jGRASP - Getting Started Tutorial Overview of jGRASP 
Installing Karel in jGRASP How to Install KarelJRobot.jar on jGRASP 
Why We Use Object Orientation History and Explanation 
What is an Object Explanation 
What is a Class Explanation 
What is Abstraction Explanation 
What is Encapsulation Explanation 
What is Inheritance Explanation 
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Lab Files

Karel Lab 1 DrawE  DrawE Lab Instructions 
Karel Lab 1 DrawE  DrawE.java 
Karel Lab 1 Mountain Climber Mountain Climber Lab Instructions 
Karel Lab 1 Mountain Climber MountainClimber.java 
Karel Lab 1 Mountain Climber Mountain Climber World File 
Karel Lab 2 Grocery Shopper GroceryShopper.java 
Karel Lab 2 Grocery Shopper Grocery Shopper World File 
Karel Lab 3 BetterRobot BetterRobot Lab Instructions 
Karel Lab 3 BetterRobot BetterRobot.java 
Karel Lab 3 BetterRobot BetterRobotTester.java 
Karel Lab 4 LetterBot LetterBot Lab Instructions 
Karel Lab 4 LetterBot LetterBot.java 
Karel Lab 4 LetterBot LetterBotTester.java 
Karel Lab 5 Diamond Planter DiamondPlanter.java 
Karel Lab 5 Diamond Planter DiamondPlanterTester.java 
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