AP CSA Java Basics: Objects and Methods

AP Computer Science A Learning Objectives Explored in this Section
  • Methods and Parameters
  • Method Calls
  • Primitive vs. reference types
  • Java Subset: String, Math, Integer, Double
  • Getting user input via the Scanner class (not in curriculum, but helpful for programs)


Java Basics: Objects and Methods Notes An Introduction to Methods in Java 
APCS Setting Up a CodingBat Account Steps to set up a coding bat account for this class 
CodingBat HW 01 Homework Assignment Description 
CodingBat HW 02 Homework Assignment Description 
Magpie Lab Activities 1-2 from Magpie Lab 
RandomDemo.java Examples of Using the Random Class 
String Programming Exercises Program Exercise Descriptions 
Objects and Methods Review Sheet Review Questions 
Objects and Methods Review Solutions Solutions to the Review 
CodingBat HW 03 Homework Description 
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