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APCS Notes: Intro to Methods An Introduction to Methods in Java 01 
APCS Setting Up a CodingBat Account Steps to set up a coding bat account for this class 03 
CodingBat Assignment 1 Assignment Description 04 
APCS Notes: Creating Objects Overview of Creating Objects 05 
String Notes Notes on Strings and String Methods 06 
Magpie Lab Part A Activities 1-2 from Magpie Lab 07 
Magpie Lab Part B Activity 3 from Magpie Lab 08 
APCS Iteration Notes Overview of Loops in Java 09 
Magpie Lab Part C Lab Description 09 
RandomDemo.java Examples of Using the Random Class 10 
String Programming Exercises Program Exercise Descriptions 11 
APCS Wrapper Class Notes Notes on Wrapper Classes 12 
Objects and Methods Review Sheet Review Questions 13 
Objects and Methods Review Solutions Solutions to the Review 14 
APCS Notes: The Scanner Class Overview of the Scanner Class 15 
Programming Exercise BMR Calculator Programming Exercise Description 16 
Programming Exercise QBRating Description 17 
Showing 17 items