Lego Labs

Lab Description
Alien Greeting Lab 
Apollo 13 Lab 
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For each Lego lab, you will complete an entry in your electronic portfolio website. Your portfolio entry should include the following:
  • Description (in your own words) of the task you were building the robot for 
  • Description (in your own words) of what your robot does
  • Pictures of your robot from different angles
  • Video of your robot in action
Some Entry Building Tips
  • You can post video directly to YouTube using most smartphones.
  • Using the Gmail App, email pictures from your phone to yourself (the iOS mail app will not work at school).
  • Make sure that the YouTube video's sharing is set to "public" or "unlisted."
  • Make sure the share setting of all images is set to public
  • To make sure everything is shared correctly, open your electronic portfolio page in a Google Chrome Incognito window.
  • Be Awesome! I like awesome, so make it look good!
  • Click the following link to view a Google Sites Tutorial that may help you out: Google Sites Tutorial