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Math Analysis Vector Fields Online Lesson

Objective: Today you are going to participate in an online lesson created to teach you about vector fields, divergence, and curl.  

Directions: Perform the following tasks in order.  Read all directions carefully.  Make sure to pay close attention during the videos taking notes and doing the example problems along with the instructors (Its okay to pause the video if it is going to fast to do so!).  If you have any questions, check and make sure that the answer has not been given in the directions.  If you have done this and your answer has not been given, ask Mr. Wood!

1.Watch the following introduction to vector fields:

Intro to Vector Fields


2. Watch the following videos on the divergence of a vector field.  You can watch as many as it takes to understand the concept and how to find it:

Introduction to the Divergence of a Vector Field

The Intuition Behind Divergence

Analyzing a Vector Field Using Divergence
3. Watch the following video on the curl of a vector field:

Introduction to the Curl of a Vector Field

The Mechanics of Calculating Curl

More on Curl


4. Your Assignment is section 16.1 Problems:

1, 2, 5, 6, 13, 15, 17


Conclusion: Congratulations! You have completed the online lesson for today!  Hopefully you now have a strong understanding of Vector Fields, Divergence, and Curl!