Hello! My name is Michael Wood and I am a high school math and computer science teacher. A lot of the materials I have used in the past are available on this website. The old site was made with classic google sites, which is now obsolete, and recently, a number of the links became broken due to security updates. I am now in the process of updating and moving everything on the site. The first eight units for Calculus AB and the first unit for Calculus BC are back up. I am going to continue with Calculus BC and then will come back and finish the rest of Calculus AB. Now that I have a bit of free time, I should have everything Calculus back up soon. Once I am done with calculus, I will begin working on other courses. If you have been using materials from here and are in need of them before they will be back online, you can contact me at mtwood2@gmail.com and I will try and help you. Take care and everything on the site will be back up soon!